Top Tips For Choosing the Right Retractable Banner

Published: July 6, 2016

When it comes to trade shows, outdoor fairs, gatherings and exhibitions, retractable banners are the new must have! Businesses are always looking for ways to promote their products, services, and themselves, and these banner stands are the way to do it thanks to their portability, convenience, and ability to garner attention. 

However, what should you do when attempting to choose a banner stand that will be right for you? We're giving you four great tips for choosing the right retractable banner for you.


1. Get a Banner That's Versatile

A retractable banner stand is best when it's versatile! Ideally, a stand will work best when it's designed to be used indoors and outdoors. Outdoor banners can be used in a range of ways outdoors and have features that make them versatile such as durable scrim vinyl to prevent graphic fading and being able to stand upright even when the conditions are windy or adversarial! You don't want the screen to retract, so having a stand that can work outdoors and isn't just an 'indoor cat', so to speak, will be advantageous. If you're certain that you will be going to exhibitions in the future but don't know whether they will be indoors or outdoors, look for a stand that will be able to succeed in all conditions.

Think about it-- if the whole point is to use a banner to get attention, you need it to be versatile enough to work in all types of conditions. Even indoor trade shows do have breezes that blow through, so just be sure that if you believe you are going to be in an indoor space that it has all those indoor features if you're going to be using a banner stand!


2. Choose Quality for Long Term Use

Sometimes it can be helpful to purchase the right stand for what your needs are. If you know that you're going to go to multiple trade shows in the next year, you could potentially benefit by buying a higher quality stand. Using stands of a lesser quality will work for some time, but there may come a point where you discover that your stand has developed some defects. This could cause problems if it's not working correctly but you don't notice. Discovering your banner has ripped as a result of your stand being defective will not only ruin your banner, but cause you to go get a new one. If you're going to use your banner stand more than once, consider going with high-quality premium stands.


3. Consider the Size

Make sure that you consider the sizes involved so that you make the right choice! Banners come in widths of 9 inches all the way up to 60, and at varying heights. How do you select the right stand and banner for you? Consider the size of your booth and make the banner about one-third of one size of your booth. Or go with your instincts and choose a banner that will perfectly complement your booth's size. Focus on a banner that will attract customers but also not scare them away with their disproportionate size dimensions.


4. Accentuate Your Assets

The assets and benefits of your company, product, promotion or service need to be accentuated and emphasized if anyone's going to pick up on them! How many times have men complained that women want them to read their minds? Well, having a booth and needing to get information out to people quickly and succinctly is what a banner is all about. Make sure that you've got a reliable retractable banner stand that's right for the job. A fixed graphic cassette is perfect for one basic display of logo or products, but if you need to interchange promotions or have a rotating product line, an interchangeable graphic cassette will allow you to change display graphics whenever you like.

When it comes to shopping for retractable banner stands, there is a lot to keep in mind. Always make sure that you have thoroughly evaluated what you need your stand for and what conditions are like not only now but might be in the future! Attracting attention, getting the word out, and ultimately making sure that you've made the right choice for your requirements will ensure many more positive experiences in the future. 


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