For anything with a custom shape or heavy material (metal, acrylic, wood)

  • Sheet max size : 48" x 96"
  • Image max size : 47.75" x 95.75"
  • Flood White - Size of entire artboard (follow set up insructions for white files)

Using white ink

Setting up files for print

Our Custom Cut process requires 2 files to print, if it has NO WHITE, OR 3 files to print if it HAS WHITE.

  • 123456-1_Print.pdf - This file will have your design
  • 123456-1_Dieline.pdf - This file will have your dieline on it
  • 123456-1_SpotWhite.pdf - This file will have your Spot White

Below is an example of a job with Spot White. This example requires 3 files


    - Create a new color swatch
    - Name it 'White_Ink'
    - Set it as a Spot Color

    - Create a new layer
    - Name it 'White_Ink'

Flood White vs Spot White
Flood White - Applies a flood fill coating of white over the entire print area.
Spot White - A selected portion of the print area receives a white base


On the 'White Ink' layer, create a new frame object and fill it with the 'White Ink' Spot Color

Set the attributes of the 'White Ink' element to Overprint Fill

- OR -


Copy ALL artwork that requires white ink to the new layer
and fill with the 'White Ink' Spot Color

Set the attributes of the 'White Ink' element to Overprint Fill

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